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The Divine Life Journal

Just the kind of strategic plan you need to optimize your energy and live from a place of vibrant happiness!

The Essentials of Self Care

Learn to use tools and modalities that allow you to care for yourself and reduce dependency on practitioners.

Release Old, Limiting Energies

Reclaim the REAL you, the you that came here to live your greatest life, and SOAR!

“Pamela has done more for me in three sessions than seven years of therapy. She has helped me stop daily anxiety attacks, change false beliefs, and shown me how to take charge of my PTSD. I am looking forward to my future sessions as I learn to release the bad and negative energies in my life so I can replace them with good energy.” Debbie L.

“Pamela is both a ‘5 Star’ coach and teacher. I have worked with her personally and can attest to the power of tapping! She is truly gifted at helping a client drill down and get to the root of the issue they’re trying to resolve. I worked with her on several occasions and felt the power of EFT immediately! I will always suggest Pamela.”  XOXO Sherry Gideons

I learned how to use the EFT technique with Pamela. She is professional and easy to work with. With the technique I learned, I can always use it to control my emotion anytime and anywhere.

Thank you Pamela, I love your energy! Jasmine Y.

Energy work takes various forms.

We will explore and utilize a variety of time tested and science backed energy modalities all utilized in the treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety, migraines and even weight loss.

Different forms of work can include:

Some of the modalities we will use are Reiki, EFT, Heart Math, Energy Psychology and Frequency Therapy.

This is a REVEALING journey!

This journey will unfold profound insights for you and help uncover the truest essence of who you are by reprogramming your mind and releasing old, toxic energies that are blocking you from living life to the fullest.

What used to require years of therapy can now be used ALONG SIDE it for more rapid results.

We will be using scientifically proven strategies that have been shown to reduce therapy times from as much as 6 months to as little as 6 weeks.

It can work for many different issues, including:

The list is truly endless! A few to mention are: help reduce pain, migraines, anxiety, negative emotions, every day stressors, phobias, release limiting beliefs, reprogram your neural pathways and increase energy!



Discover deep JOY.

Step into ABUNDANCE.

Find your inner BRILLIANCE.

At the heart of every human is a soul waiting to be untethered. Waiting to rise to the purpose it was given. Waiting to experience the incredible gifts intended for them from the beginning.

There is no need to wait.

The time to claim your ultimate purpose and the freedom that comes with knowing and embracing the REAL you is NOW.

Start TODAY.

There will never be a better time to have all you deserve.