My Vision

I know that my story is not unique, and that many of us on the journey of life get lost in the matrix, losing sight of our spirit’s highest callings, our passions, hopes, dreams and sometimes even the capacity to remember any of them.

We have all experienced some of the many challenges life can bring but have also seen that there was something available to us, even in the most difficult struggle. Maybe we have lost a home we couldn’t afford, but gained a smaller, more affordable home and more time to focus on priceless relationships. Perhaps we lost a job but found a career and new beliefs about ourselves and what we can do in the face of self-doubt. Betrayal, rejection, illness, or tragedy may have stolen something we held dear, and we are forced to rebuild our lives with what remains, yet still arrive on the other side amazed by the grace we were given to make it through. 

And along the way, we capture glimpses of light; celebrate a child’s laugh, bond with a friend, hear the silence of the forest in winter or feel the sun warm our face. We begin to really cherish life’s moments, and we realize there is still hope, love and joy peeking at us through the cracks in our perceptions. That we have gained as much as we have lost, if not more, from the sometimes bittersweet threads woven into the tapestry of our lives.

It is in these moments we realize our inner spirit’s gifts of divinity, power, and brilliance and rise to be all we were intended to be.

These are the things waiting to be reclaimed on the way to healing and growth, that have been there all along, but may have been hidden or buried in nature’s wild creation that threatens to cover our path. It is our soul’s journey to uncover them, come to know them again and realize they are there, always, whenever we need them.

And it is my greatest, and most humble joy, to walk this path with you and help you find your way to that most sacred of places, where your purpose, vision and dreams meet your destiny.