Welcome! This page is dedicated solely to getting as many free resources out to you as possible! I know many of us are struggling with how to do what we need to on a budget, so I hope these various tools will help you as you navigate this challenging time.

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Essential Oils 101

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The Ho’oponopono Prayer

Practicing Ho‘oponopono allows you to cut the aka connection in a very positive, loving way, knowing that you can make the connection brand new. When you become right with others, you become right with yourself.

We are in a time when we are faced with a lot of decisions made by others that impact our personal lives significantly. Getting caught up in the emotions that go with that can be painful and self defeating.

This simple prayer will help realign us with the energies of love and compassion, and help make our lives, communities and world more peaceful and loving.

(You can find the rest of the deck for purchase through

Energy Healing Session for Stress

Use these techniques to quickly release stress. You can repeat it as often as needed and you can also use this in combination with breath work and Heart Math techniques. Simply hold you hand over your heart and take 5 deep breaths before you do this exercise to help drop you cortisol levels and improve your immunity!

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Tap Into Healing Fun!

This very special series is for parents AND kids! Start to help your children NOW to deal with the challenges and uncertainties of life!

To participate in this series, go to www.risinginnergy.com/tap-into-healing-fun/