This is not an exhaustive list of services. If you would like a combination of services, please indicate what services you would like to combine. You can merge any of these therapies, as well as others listed at the bottom of the page. If you choose to do so, please be sure to fill out the new client form and indicate all services you are interested in.

Also, if you have not booked with me before and would like to learn about me and why I do what I do, please visit the About Pamela and My Vision pages.

Reiki Healing/Clearing:

This is a distance healing and you do not need to be available during the time it is scheduled. This work will be done over a 15 minute time period.

It is highly recommended that you find time to rest on this day, and if possible, do so during the scheduled time frame. You should also drink plenty of water and a time of meditation, prayer or simply listening to relaxing music will also help facilitate the energy healing.

Please see calendar below to book a session.


60 Minute EFT Session:

This session will be done via webcam. You will need to use the link below to schedule the session and indicate you’d like an EFT session.

This session will include Reiki work as well as intuitive coaching.

The charge for this session is $100

Please see calendar below to book a session.

You can also book multiple sessions at once.

Packages include:

5 sessions: $20 discount 

10 sessions: $40 discount

Please contact me to purchase a package.


30 Minute Angel Reading:

This reading is recorded and allows you to see the cards that are pulled. This way you get to experience the cards for yourself, as well help you have a better understanding of how the angels may wish to communicate with you. I will then write down what is given to me after I have viewed the cards, and will send you an email with the detailed reading. This usually takes about 30 minutes and allows me to fully process any messages the angels may wish to convey to me during the reading.

The charge for this reading is $33

Please see calendar below to book a session.


1 Hour Angel Reading and Angel Message

This is an expansion of the angel reading, however, once I am done with the reading, I then inquire if the angels have any further messages for you. 

You can expect that you will receive a video of your reading and any messages within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

The charge for this reading is $66

Please see calendar below to book a session.



In a distance healing, channeled healing energy flows from the practitioner into your subtle energy system, cleansing, clearing, and balancing every cell in your body, right down to the DNA level. This leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and deeply at peace with yourself and the collective, giving you an overall sense of balance and alignment. 


What can distance healing achieve?

Distance healing is a wonderful way to empower yourself when you cannot be in physical contact and promotes a deep feeling of love for yourself and others. The beauty of this high vibrational frequency assists you to come back into your heart space while supporting the transmutation and dissolving of fear, anger and even trauma.

For a distance healing session, please see calendar below and indicate you would like distance healing.